Catering and cultural experiences, recounted as a dream

Stupor Mundi is the gastronomic and artistic maison of SMG Meeting, dedicated to catering services, dining and the finest culture. The maison has locations in Milan and Brescia, with its renowned chefs, a large cooking centre and charming venues, to offer cultural experiences and share its passion for art and gastronomic research.
The Stupor Mundi maison is like a theatre, ready to host people and their souls, offering relief, joy and, who knows, a moment of serenity. What we bring to the stage for you are artistic and cultural expressions of excellence: experiences of great gastronomy, accompanied by music and poetry to nourish the heart.
Stupor Mundi originated in ancient times, from an idea of profound inspiration, of which we want to embrace the most spiritualistic meaning: Stupor Mundi is that deep sense of wonder that pervades those who are open to the knowledge of things, intrigued by their beauty, like the eyes of a child looking at a flower in amazement and who recognises larger, dream-like meanings in it, an echo of the absolute.

An ethical supply chain:

from the land to the table, through our cooking centre

Thanks to our innovative cooking centre in Brescia, a network of kitchens throughout Italy, over 10 years of experience and international staff, Stupor Mundi brings excellent gastronomy to the table, offering catering services dining and cultural events that are quite the experience.

With commitment and passion our chefs enhance local specialities from our country and afar while ensuring an ethical and sanitary production chain: Stupor Mundi has developed a food preparation process that begins at the farm, continues in the cooking centre and, if necessary, is finalised at the event venue where our service is required.

Our ISO 9001 certified work system allows us to efficiently manage all customer needs to provide a complete service: from banquet to welcoming guests, from logistics to technical direction during the event, we know how to offer a valuable experience for your guests from all over the world.

Prestigious chefs for cutting-edge gastronomy

The Stupor Mundi maison is proud to collaborate with chefs Marco Cozza and Andrea De Carli, offering innovative menus that combine Italian mastery in the kitchen with the influences of excellent gastronomic cultures, such as the Amazon and Peruvian cultures, in a union of memories, ancient flavours and experimentation.

Marco and Andrea, recognised by the Michelin Guide as two of the top thirty young chefs in Italy, are from the province of Como and, after attending the Gianni Brera Hospitality Institute together, they gained prestigious training experiences at the Ristorante Del Cambio in Turin or Gualtiero Marchesi’s Albereta . They still share the philosophy of the great Master, always respecting and truly enhancing ingredients.

The two chefs put their heart into what they do and it shows: they create unique dishes, made with local ingredients, carefully researched and skilfully paired, revealed in every bite. Their cuisine unleashes emotions, beauty and harmony, in a perfect balance between tradition and contemporaneity.

Progetto Zero: our guarantee of quality

Our chefs, Marco Cozza and Andrea De Carli, are entrusted with the rigorous internal certification of food quality, called Progetto Zero. It is an internal quality certification, governed by stringent technical standards and inspired by the radical search for the essence, the origin, the starting point from which everything begins and into which everything flows.

Zero means everything is the motto of our ambitious, innovative, and radical cuisine. The certification of this integrity is entrusted to our chefs, renowned exponents of avant-garde cuisine and acclaimed by the Michelin Guide as two of the thirty best young chefs in Italy.

The mission

Through catering, dining and the intense cultural and gastronomic experiences that it hosts on its venues, Stupor Mundi promotes a selection of outstanding cultural experiences, to lead you to uncover new ideas, exploring a world yet to be discovered.

What we care about most is to evoke quality emotions, awakening that sense of wonder which is often dormant in adult age but which can explode when finally awakened by the taste of good food, art and love.

Stupor Mundi believes in respect ing people and nature: this is what allows us to enhance the gifts we receive from the Earth every day, both in our love for the traditions of our territory and when encountering distant and different cultures.

Stupor Mundi believes in the commitment to persevere to reach its goals, those horizons that once seemed far away and that, with passion, audacity and hard work we can finally reach.

Stupor Mundi believes in the humility that lies in the wonder of encountering new cultures and in the excellence that comes from small gestures. This allows us to learn how to grow, becoming better people.