Equal opportunities

SMG operates in compliance with an equal opportunities policy which applies to all of its offices worldwide.

In short, and with specific reference to services in rare languages and in regions where discrimination based on gender, age, ethnicity, religion and physical ability is still a major issue, we wish to highlight the following principles:

  • Our recruitment procedure and HR selection criteria are free from discrimination between applicants, both for operational and managerial positions.

  • There are no requirements in terms of gender, age, ethnicity, religion or physical ability included in SMG’s employment criteria, as HR selection is undertaken based exclusively on individual competences and skills.

  • Equal opportunities are guaranteed for all staff and suppliers. No discrimination is made between genders in the workplace, and promotion is granted based exclusively on professional skills.

  • SMG is attentive to the needs of new mothers and fathers by applying all of the local labour protection provisions in force and guaranteeing to keep positions open for staff on maternity or parental leave by hiring temporary replacements only for the time needed. Flexible working hours can also be arranged in order to support staff with children.

  • Staff and suppliers can report any cases of discrimination to the Worker Safety Manager appointed by SMG staff or to their union representatives.

  • The Global HR team and the Labour Force Representatives constantly ensure compliance with these principles. To this end, an Equal Opportunity Review is conducted every December in all SMG offices and its results are included in the Annual Report of the SMG Directorate General.

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