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SMG Languages is the special division of SMG that, for more than 15 years, has provided written translation services thanks to its staff and specially dedicated work processes.

The SMGoffices around the world translate specialist texts in over 160 languages, providing a professional translation service that has already been appreciated by many distinguished customers such as the Italian Ministry of Defense, the European Union, the Spanish national statistical office and the French Court of Cassation.

The translations are handled for by specialised monther-tongue staff and are subjected to quality audits in accordance with the most stringent industry regulations, such as the UNI EN ISO 17100.


To ensure the use of accurate terminology and style, we employ native speakers with proven experience in the field:

  • Engineers and experienced linguists in the translation of specific technical and industrial areas.
  • Economists and experienced translators in economic-financial translation.
  • Lawyers and experienced linguists in juridical-legal and administrative translation.
  • Doctors and experienced translators in medical translation.
  • Specialists in specific areas of culture, tourism and marketing.

SMG only employs translators who have passed our rigorous selection process, including practical tests and assessment interviews. The quality level and professional development of translators are constantly through the supervision of senior revisers.


The PM collects the reference materials provided by the customer and our Internal Information System and distributes it to the translators. The linguistic staff create glossaries and keep them updated and shared with the customer. The use of advanced memory systems (CAT Tools) facilitates the recovery of texts and ensures the consistency of terminology and reduces translation times and costs.

Quality Control

Before the delivery to the customer, the translations undergo a rigorous checking process entrusted to reviewers, in accordance with the requirements established by the quality standards UNI EN 15,038 and ISO 17100.


In addition to operating in compliance with national regulations on special data protection requirements, SMG has systems and procedures available to manage information classified as confidential, highly confidential, secret and top secret. In 2015, the European

Special services

Our experience and the effective global presence of our staff allows us to offer the following special services:

  • Sworn translation and quality certification.
  • Urgent translation, also within 15 minutes.
  • Translation for regions in crisis, special operations law enforcement agencies and emergency situations that require extreme confidentiality, reactivity and safety.
  • SEO translation, i.e. applying specific writing techniques that allow web text to be viewed as a priority by search engines and, therefore, found within your customers’ first search results.
  • Subtitling and dubbing of videos in a foreign language.


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