Media relations

We manage media relations in many countries, to help you publish articles in foreign newspapers and magazines or advertise on foreign radio or TVs.

The availability of local native speakers in our international offices enables us to manage media relations on behalf our customers in over 160 languages, including Russian, Arabic and Chinese.

Here’s how we use to operate:

  • Our Press Officer identifies the particular features to be taken into account for a good media presence, such as the time and means of publication/transmission, based on the client’s needs and the target audience abroad.
  • The Press Officer prepares a Media List (list of media and their contact details) by adding the media the customer specifies or identifying them independently.
  • Our operators send the publication/transmission requests to the media on the Media List.
  •  The media send media kits containing their offers.
  • The Press Officer deals with the media, requesting customer feedback for each decision.
  • The Press Officer sends the customer the final proposals from the media and the customer confirms them directly.
  • The Press Release is sent to the customer, if agreed on a contract basis.

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