SMG Meeting event organisation, for those looking for an extra touch

We organise your event down to the smallest detail because we want each event to be an important event in the life of those attending. What matters is the human experience, the feeling that the event leaves with you and your guests. The message you want to convey must reach all the guests, tugging their heartstrings, making them dream, creating perspectives and trust in you. We will handle of all of this, giving you the result you were hoping for.

SMG Meeting organises turnkey events. Tell us what you want, we will make it real!

A close-knit team, dedicated services, a lot of experience and a desire to achieve. This is the mix we put in play. Born with Expo 2015, we have continued to organise events in Italy and abroad, doing good, having fun and growing along with our customers. Today, we have offices in many countries, to assist you locally, right where you want to be, and organise events for you that will make a big difference. Welcome to SMG Meeting!


Our international experience SUPPORTING events organisation

For a successful foreign event (corporate convention, fair or other), you need a professional who knows the local area, who speaks the language, who knows its customs and traditions and who knows how to manage the thousands of situations that arise during an event.
If you are looking for a professional and passionate partner, SMG would be proud to be at your side, providing its local specialised staff and all the determination required to make your event unique and unforgettable.


  • We are at home almost everywhere: SMG has offices and subsidiaries around the world
  • Many years of experience in organizing events
  • Native speaking staff:the Group has native speaking staff available on site

Organizational Assistance

Selecting the location, handling guests’ needs , organising catering and decorations and all other logistical aspects require teamwork and maximum coordination.

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Studio Moretto Group organises trips and transfers for guests at your events. In addition to transport management,the organisation’s crowning glory is the availability of multilingual guides and companions who help your guests appreciate the country’s attractions.

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Setting Up

SMG prepares spaces of your event by providing a turnkey solution.

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Simultaneous Interpreting

Studio Moretto Group has a special division, SMG Meeting, which, for over 15 years, has provided the following interpretation services and language support through its staff and specially dedicated work processes.

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Catering and Banqueting

We create menus for the most varied types of events, taking care of every technical-organisational aspect, from setting up, to the mise en place, up to serving food.

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SMG gives you the option to add a unique touch to your event, customise it with merchandise, graphics solutions, ad hoc printed material and guest incentives.

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Studio Moretto Group provides a professional video production service that manages the multilingual content for your foreign audience.

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Selecting the location, handling guests’ needs , organising catering and decorations and all other logistical aspects require teamwork and maximum coordination. For this reason, SMG Meeting provides an organisational assistant who deals with orchestrating your event in all its phases, from planning to event supervision and after event activities.

Our organisational assistant has a dedicated help desk to provide guests with information and to carry out ordinary administration duties such as guest registration and accommodation and transfer management, in the aim of providing your guests with a unique experience.

To give you complete peace of mind, our Event managers will be at your disposal before, during and after the event, assisting you as your unique organisational contacts, managing staff and resources, reporting back on what is happening and keeping any practical or organisational aspects under control.

The presence of multicultural and polyglot staff within our company, allows us to manage the organisation of global events, that involve guests from multiple countries.

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