SMG Meeting is a part of the multinational Studio Moretto Group and specialises in catering services (through the brand Moretto Catering) and also the organisation of high-quality events.

Since 2012, our work has contributed to prestigious events such as the Milan Expo and numerous international meetings in well-known Italian cities, including Milan, Bergamo, Verona, Venice, Rome, Naples and Palermo. At its own cooking centre in Brescia and thanks to its numerous kitchens across the nation, the Moretto Catering service by SMG Meeting is able to prepare typical Italian cuisine, offering a catering service that accompanies your guests on a culinary journey through the country’s regional specialities, gourmet dishes and culinary solutions created to meet the most diverse needs.

In addition, the multinational element of our business allows us to bring international yet original dishes to the table. Just think of the unique quality of Peruvian or oriental cuisine, or other foreign gastronomic delights, of which SMG Meeting has great knowledge and are able to suggest to you. This is because we have offices in many different foreign countries and, in some cases, we collaborate with the local population on agricultural production.

Our catering service offers an international experience, alongside the typical Italian mastery and skill. The food quality, guaranteed by the full quality control of production processes, and the surprising cultural value that we bring to the table, are the biggest contributions towards your events. Finally, we organise every aspect of the event for you through professional services specialising in staging, system installation, welcoming guests, entertainment, security, communication and the media.


SMG Meeting aims to let you live in the moment in a conscious, fun and loving manner: it starts by bringing to the table a culinary experience of authentic, foreign flavours, and it embraces you with the colours and the heat of the magical culture that best represents man’s journey on earth. It can be portrayed through ancient foods, daring inventions, quiet pauses in speech or even acrobats and kisses promised in the wine glasses. Then it speaks to the child, listens to them when they talk about the big adventure they want to go on the next day…and meanwhile we prepare the dinner, grow crops in the fields and, deep down, it looks at you as if everything had been created through that single glance.

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Below are some case studies of the main catering services that we have provided.


Milan Expo 2015 was an important opportunity for our catering service, which stood out during various lunches, gala dinners and coffee breaks offered at the Milan event. Even now, this adventure in the Lombard capital continues, alongside the more frequent catering services for business and public authorities, even in neighbouring cities such as Bergamo, Lecco, Como and Varese. The basic food preparation takes place in our cooking centre in Brescia and, depending on the event, is finalised on site.

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Our central cooking centre is situated in Brescia, halfway between Milan and Verona. This clearly favours those catering services situated in Brescia, where the company holds important catering contracts, as well as handling events and corporate dinners for some of the most prestigious, local businesses. From the picturesque shores of Lake Garda, with the cities of Desenzano and Salò, the historic city of Brescia, to the magic of the Franciacorta and Lake Iseo, the Brescian province offers prestigious venues for your events and, with SMG Meeting, an exceptional catering service.

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Moretto Catering by SMG Meeting regularly carries out catering and banqueting services in Veneto, at venues in Verona, Padua, Vicenza and Venice, making use of local cuisine and on some occasions, doing initial food preparation at the cooking centre in Brescia. A significant proportion of our Venetian customers are governmental bodies, who have extremely high standards regarding both the table service and the quality of products.


Although our administrative headquarters are located in Brescia, our catering service has been operating in Central and Southern Italy since 2012 through our kitchens and production facilities to guarantee wholesome food and a high quality service. Our customers from large cities such as Florence, Bologna, Rome, Naples or Palermo and smaller cities are predominantly governmental institutions. Other clients include private companies that require catering services for meetings and business conventions.


German trade fairs are important events that attract companies from all over the world in cities such as Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg, Hanover and Berlin. We can also offer our catering service in Germany, bringing the quality of Italian cuisine and carefully thought-out culinary solutions to the fair for your international guests: show cooking, authentic Italian products and the unmissable charm of Made in Italy will act as a backdrop to your events, alongside a high degree of culinary skill displayed.


We have outlined the most popular destinations where we provide catering services. However, we are very much open to providing excellent catering services in many other countries around the world. Please contact our offices and let us know where your next event is taking place: we would love to help you!