SMG Meeting offers technical and stage set-up services for events. This is the ideal solution for stylishly setting up the catering at your next gala, a conference room or party venue.

The installation of equipment and systems for the technical preparation of an event is carried out by qualified technicians who work under the coordination of our event manager assigned to the event. In this way, the customer will always have a contact person available, which makes it much easier for us and the customer to liaise with each other. If necessary, SMG Meeting is able to rent equipment that is not available at the event site, such as LED walls, projectors, lights, booths for simultaneous translation and any other technology required for the preparation of conferences and ceremonies.

The arrangement of the furniture and decorative elements provided for the setting takes place under the careful guidance of our art director, who will have first designed and shared with you a scenic solution in keeping with the concept of the event. Carrying out an effective set-up may include, among other things, the installation of impressive lighting systems, furnishing elements, floral arrangements and decorations of various kinds.


For those who have specific exhibition spaces to set-up (for special occasions, fairs, or shows), we are also available for advice and inspections with audio/visual technicians and professionals with proven experience in the field of interior design. We can also provide the customer with a preview of how the event will look through computer simulations and 3D rendering.

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Video projectors, LCD, LPD, with video projection screens.
Video production systems, including cameras and systems for digital recording.
Sound systems, including radio microphones, amplification systems, audio mixer, speakers, sub woofer, audio equipment, DJ console, etc.
Lighting systems, with a structural stand or placed directly on the floor of the the stage, with various types of lighting fixtures, rotary heads, white spotlights, LED bars and LGB linear gauges, with a lighting control desk.
Streaming systems, including filming equipment, support server, data transmission bandwidth and transmission equipment.
Simultaneous translation booths, available in accordance with ISO 2603, with a soundproofing and ventilation system.
Simultaneous translation systems, digital, complete with microphone bases, control unit, transmitters, receivers and headphones for listening.
System for simultaneous translation, with a laser radio transmitter.
Systems for guided tours, with audio recordings.
Conference systems, consisting of a control unit and microphones for the chairperson and delegates.
Temporary stages.
Office equipment, such as laptops, printers, photocopiers and overhead projectors.

In addition to renting equipment and systems for your technical and scenic set-ups, SMG Meeting provides its own technical staff, who can carry out the activities of design, installation and disassembly.