Thanks to our staff’s expertise and modern kitchens that guarantee food hygiene in line with HACCP, we ensure control over the entire food preparation process; thereby rendering the catering services at Studio Moretto Group synonymous with quality, so as to include illustrious customers such as EXPO 2015, the Veneto Region and the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics.

We offer menus for the most varied types of corporate events, taking care of every technical and organisational aspect for you: from the setting up of lighting and audiovisual room systems, to the perfect table settings, to the serving of the dishes by waiters and sommeliers of the highest standard. At SMG we share a passion for detail; we know how difficult it is to coordinate a big event such as a dinner or convention. For this reason, we offer the services of our organisational secretary, who is dedicated to managing every stage of the event while providing continuous assistance to the client and guests.

With SMG Meeting, catering becomes banqueting, a turnkey Italian service that enables you to offer your guests a valuable cultural experience. Are you planning a corporate or institutional event with a gala dinner or buffet lunch? Let yourself be tempted by our proposals and contact us for more information about our menus!


SMG Meeting is an Italian catering company that focuses on food quality, guaranteed by our use of only the best ingredients. Our production processes are in accordance with the strictest food sanitation and hygiene regulations. In addition, we employ highly qualified staff.

The excellent quality of ingredients and their careful preparation preserves the food’s palatable and bio-nutritional properties. Our catering service does not add preservatives, colourings or flavourings to food, since food authenticity is a characteristic that has always distinguished our cuisine from the rest. In some cases, we even collaborate in the production of some ingredients to ensure that the natural process of the food chain. For example, we support ethical and eco-sustainable cultivation in the Amazon, where we work side by side with local tribes to cultivate some key ingredients that we use in our haute cuisine preparations.

Food is prepared with exquisite artisan methods, which enable us to create tasty,nutritious and hygienically safe dishes. Our kitchens in Milan, Brescia, Como and Mantua are modern culinary labs, purpose-built to ensure compliance with the most stringent health and hygiene requirements and for us to be able to safely carry out all of the necessary production processes. The preparation, cooking and handling methods are performed in strict accordance with health and hygiene regulations. As a guarantee of its quality, SMG Meeting screens all production processes according to the rigorous international HACCP control system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

All SMG staff are highly qualified and experienced. This is an essential prerequisite, which we enforce in order to maintain a high standard of quality. Each member of our team, from the kitchen staff to the waiters, have the qualifications required to work in this sector with years of experience. Every employee is constantly reviewed by the company and is subject to strict health and hygiene checks.


Our catering service offers specialities to suit every occasion. Whichever menu you choose, be it full of traditional Italian dishes from the local region, international dishes or ethnic dishes, they will be made with the passion and care of a high-level Italian catering team. Our team is always ready to adapt with the emergence of the latest and most interesting culinary news from foreign countries and cultures, which brings new flavours and a touch of magic to our table.

Below are some examples of our most popular menus: In addition, each menu provides alternatives for guests with allergies, intolerances or special dietary needs. Some examples include gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan dishes. If you are looking for quality and the experience of a specialised Italian company, choose SMG Meeting for your next event or corporate dinner!


For events aimed at promoting local products through tastings and food and wine tours, we can provide catering services with local PDO, CDO, GCDO and PGI products.
An extensive knowledge of the region, its products and local suppliers allows SMG Meeting to carefully select ingredients, favouring fresh products with a certified origin. The selection of agricultural products and foodstuffs originating from specific regions and localities, i.e. for wine and cheese, offers a special cultural experience and helps to protect typical regional products.


SMG Meeting’s many years of experience has enabled us to provide quality food and wine solutions to suit the tastes of most international guests; we suggest menus without strong, unusual or regionally-specific flavours, as they are not everyone’s cup of tea. When the customer wishes to satisfy the palate of as many guests as possible, SMG Meeting considers their preferences according to their country of origin and suggests a menu that harmoniously combines them.


Have you ever thought about making the most of a multicultural structure like ours to bring different flavours from faraway countries to the table? An exclusive part of what we offer is our multicultural catering service: based on the guests’ nationality, our kitchen suggests different menus to satisfy both those who prefer home flavours and those who want to try specialities from other cultures. This solution becomes a form of entertainment when our chefs present dishes in a cooking show, with ethnic tasting stalls set up. In addition, dishes are accompanied by a multilingual menu describing their origins and characteristics, so as to stimulate the guests’ curiosity and open up interesting dialogues.

Our catering company is part of the multinational Studio Moretto Group. From this privileged window on the world, we have been able to discover cultural and gastronomic developments taking place in the far-away countries i where we are based. Therefore, for your events and corporate dinners you will have the opportunity to offer haute cuisine delicacies that until now were reserved only for the best trendy clubs in the World’s capitals; just think of the uniqueness of Peruvian cuisine, Japanese fusion or all the appeal of new and carefully put together flavours that your guests will finally have the opportunity to enjoy your catering event.


Wherever you need the catering service, in Italy, Germany, France or abroad, whether it be a quick buffet or a sumptuous gala dinner, SMG Meeting will take care of the supply of everything you need to set up the location and carry out the service. In addition, we can also plan the whole event for you or support your trusted event planner with activities they may find more challenging. In addition to being active in the event planning sector for over ten years, we have offices in many countries. This allows us to develop, with our own technology and personnel; creative design activities, preparation of lighting and audiovisual installations, secretarial organisation, logistical management of guests, banqueting, entertainment, promotional communication and our press office.

For example, as far as the catering and banqueting service for your corporate dinner alone is concerned, SMG Meeting will set up the kitchen equipment on site, along with serving stations and places to eat. These may include buffets, tasting islands, gazebos, tables, info points and even taking care of furnishings and set design.

The equipment and staff employed will be such as to ensure a rapid and efficient service. Finally, the processes used by SMG Meeting ensure compliance with regulations on food safety, respect for the environment, confidentiality and safety at work.

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