With its own innovative cooking centre in Brescia, a network of kitchens throughout Italy, over 10 years of experience and international staff, Moretto Catering specialises in the provision of catering services and the supply of selected food products.

Moretto Catering employs highly qualified staff, coordinated by the in-house chefs Andrea De Carli and Marco Cozza, recognised by the Michelin Guide as two of the top thirty young chefs in Italy.  This important recognition is proof of the commitment and dedication to quality that Moretto Catering puts into its everyday work, with continuous gastronomic research and a great passion for excellence.

Our ISO 9001 certified work system allows us to efficiently manage all customer needs to provide a complete service: from banquet to welcoming guests, from technical direction to logistics during the event, we know how to offer a valuable experience for your guests from all over the world.

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The gastronomic experience offered by the Moretto Catering service is the fruit of lands near and far, cooked with passion by international chefs at our innovative cooking centre. It is the product of our alpine valleys or of the  sustainable crops of the tribes of the Amazon rainforest, with whom we work in full respect of the environment and local cultures.

The result of our work is a gastronomic selection that offers the local specialities of ours and other lands, prepared with the the utmost ethical and sanitary control over the production chain. To achieve this goal, our company has developed a food preparation process that begins at the farm, continues in the Brescia cooking centre and, if necessary, is finalised at the event venue where our catering service is required.

The Brescia cooking centre is a technologically advanced food preparation and storage facility. The work processes are subject to the rigorous HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) international control system, which allows us to analyse hazards and to control critical points in the production process.

With an area of 800 square metres, the cooking centre is located in Brescia, in Via Sant’Orsola 82E, in the locality of S. Eufemia, and is home to the following departments:

  • Food washing area
  • Kitchen
  • Food packaging area
  • Food warehouse and cold rooms
  • Crockery and furnishings warehouse
  • Laundry
  • Administrative offices
  • Showroom

Moretto Catering is one of the few catering companies that have a cooking centre: we have focused on food quality and safety, and the particular features of the dishes we make in our kitchens require a specially designed and managed environment. For example, the correct management of ingredients that come from our partnering foreign farms requires different times, methods and technologies than those used for local materials, since they are extremely delicate exotic products.

Therefore, the Brescia cooking centre was conceived to carry out the preparation and conservation processes in compliance with hygienic-sanitary standards and the organoleptic properties of the rare foods that Moretto Catering is able to offer in its catering service.


The Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001:  15 and the processes for international relations with foreign countries are certified ISO 17.100, UNI EN 15.038 and UNI EN 10.574. Certifications have been issued by the URS Italia certification institute, as a body accredited by the British agency UKAS.

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