Are you looking for a catering service for your next conference or a public event? Moretto Catering is a special service run by SMG Meeting, which is an Italian, certified quality catering business, ideal for carrying out large-scale yet authentic events and conferences.

We have kitchens throughout Italy and a pool of culinary labs in Milan, Brescia, Como and Mantua, to serve only the best of local and also international food and drink, all in compliance with the strict HACCP sanitary regulations.

The only thing you have to do is indicate any of your catering requirements for gala dinners, aperitifs or refreshments regarding any event or conferences…the rest will be organised by our secretary! In addition to our historical catering service, we can assist you with every organisational and operational aspect of your conference, from the reception of guests to support with transfers and overnight stays, from audiovisual installations in the venue, to the provision of simultaneous translation systems and our professional interpreters, from the security to the communication services and press office.

Moretto Catering by SMG Meeting is the catering and event organisation service that can help you 24/7, throughout Italy and in many countries around the world!

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Our catering services for standing buffets and aperitifs are becoming a much more practical solution when catering for guests during conferences and other public events. Above all, this also benefits those who want to reduce the amount of time people spend at the buffet. One of the biggest problems of a catering service is the difficulty of managing the flow of guests at buffets or refreshment tables, where it is necessary to speed up service in order to avoid any unfortunate delays. Our considerable experience in the catering industry has taught us how to solve this logistical problem: by providing a sufficient number of staff cleverly organising the buffet and service tables as well as strategically managing the queues.

The food that we offer ranges from finger food to our more exquisite handmade pastries. In the last few years, show cooking has proven to be very popular, adding much value to a reception or after party. By offering both Italian and international dishes cooked by our chefs, the guests can witness a live performance of what it is like to prepare food in a kitchen.


When you require a table service for your guests at conferences or events, our catering team provides a true banqueting service. Nothing is left to chance, we will enhance your successful event with impressive set productions, a beautiful and welcoming table with detailed place settings, a professional service offered by our waiters and sommeliers, and a variety of delicacies carefully hand crafted in our kitchens.


SMG Meeting is first and foremost a catering company with its own artisan dishes. In order to be able to control every aspect of the final product, we prepare our own meals. We even proudly collaborate in the cultivation of some raw materials which we use in our recipes, by using ecological and socially sustainable methods. For example, we now have a strong commitment to Amazonian tribes within various projects regarding ethical cultivation. We are an Italian catering service with a huge heart…just like the world!

Here are the catering options for your next conference:

Regional Italian cuisine Menus : have you already thought about suggesting a menu to your guests based on typical Sicilian, Apulian and Lombard dishes and even those from other regions? With our Italian catering service, this is all possible!
• International menus: this consists of a mix of standard dishes in order to please a wider variety of people, no matter their nationality. They are designed not to present overly strong flavours.
Our progressive and exotic menus: an experience of haute cuisine, with examples of both ethnic dishes and fusion, brought to the table by our catering service to make your conference meals unique.

Our catering service understands the multiplicity of dietary habits and intolerances that can exist among your wide international guest base. Therefore, we are also able to organise some specially prepared meals, such as vegan, gluten-free or kosher menus.