SMG Meeting maintains relationships with numerous venues in Italy and abroad: these are historic villas, convention centres, charming hotels, monumental structures and other places that can host your next event with functionality and style.

All you need to do is contact us indicating the specifications of the event you intend to organise. These may include the particular way that the atmosphere should be and any logistical needs; for example with respect to the site’s accessibility, car parking or the presence of particular technological equipment. We will check the availability of a suitable location our partners and provide you with detailed information. If you wish, we can select other new locations for you and take you on a site visit.

We will be able to assist you in selecting the location that suits you, negotiating the cost of renting it and providing technical equipment, sets and anything else necessary to customise the location according to your needs.

Do you need to organise an event and need ideas? Do you already have ideas in mind, but don’t know how to get organised? Call our offices for a free preliminary consultation or fill out the appropriate request form by clicking on the button below. We look forward to helping you with your project!